While I was travelling through central america I wanted an instrument, something I could play whenever, wherever. Being a house party percussionist I wanted to travel with a djembe or bongos, but they would have to be lugged around. So, during my stay I got to designing different collapsible styled drums. And the final products, so far, are what you see. If you're going around the world I would suggest the Vaga-Bongo but if you're making trips up to the cottage and can afford the space, bring the Slap-Box with you. Because wherever there's music, there's home, might as well bring your rhythm.


Perfect for the travelling drummer who wants something to tap on wherever they go. Weighing 7lbs and measuring 35cm x 7cm x 18cm packed away, why not bring it with you?!  Tax Free!

Step #0
Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4
Step #5
Step #6
Step #7 Tricky Part
Step #8....Play!

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The perfect house party companion! Made from high quality baltic birch plywood shaped into a... The aggregate inside are stones and pebbles from my local beaches! Take a little bit of Cape Breton with you wherever you go! Tax Free!

4. Shakers

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Custom Cajon

Made to order especially for you! Let me know what you're thinking and I'll get to building. Custom artwork also available for as many sides as you want! 

Front Face View
Backish Side View
Sideish Front View
Backish Other Side View


Perfect for the long weekend road trip.  This drum does not have a snare. It has a great snap to it and more bass than the Vaga-Bongo. See videos page for a run down. Weighing 20lbs and measuring 45cm x 35cm x 10cm packed away, why not bring it with you?! Tax Free!

Drum Set Not Included
Slap Box-Back
Disassembled Slap Box
Slap Box- Front

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*International ShiPPING NOT INCULDED

Take your rythym on the road.